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O,5 LT OF ADDITIVE FOR VINTAGE CARS  OCTANE EPOQUE 105 : improves the number of Octane; cleans the fuel system and protects itrust from water or condensate; manences the carburetor efficient allowing an optimal air-petrol ratio, improving combustion and fuel consumption.APPLICATIONSGreen gasoline additive in 300 cc pack for the following use:- with 150 cc (about half of the package) added to about 50 l of green gasoline valve protection is carried out;- with 300 cc the product becomes multifunctional, raising the N.O., protectingland valves, keeping the entire fuel system clean.


The introduction of "green" gasoline had two important consequences:
the decrease in the number of octanes
the elimination of lead
Reducing the octane rating to 95 is the main cause of
detonation in engines designed to work with gasoline around 100High-octane.
The famous "heartbeat" is one of the main problems that is encountered
in classic car engines powered by green gasoline, where piston skies
rather wide make it difficult to control the perfect ignition of the charge of
air/gasoline mixture. This is the main cause of problems on the pistons themselves but
especially on the valves.
The absence of lead that gave an excellent lubricity to the fuel made
numerous problems emerge in the coupling valve stems/valve guides.
In addition, the prewithout MTBE in place of lead tends to "dirty" the
power system.
OCTANE EPOQUE 105 in addition to keeping the power supply circuit clean, the
low pressure pump, carburetor and injectors, valves and chamber
combustion, increases the number of octanes, allowing a free combustion
of detonations. This makes charging fuel much more efficiently
allowing a reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, agents
dispersants-detergents present in the product keep the engine clean.



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