AFRA (Aka Accessori (Accessories) Forniture (Supply) Ricambi (Parts) Autoveicoli (Motorvehicles) was established in May 1946 by 4 former Alfa Romeo employees: Adriano and Angelo Giorgetti with Mario Salis and Emilio Bozzi.

The headquarter is in Corso Sempione, just few blocks from Alfa Romeo and this proximity is not only geographical but strategical as immediately Afra is specialized in dealing Alfa parts. In the following years the company grows thanks to mass motorization, the relationship with Alfa increases till 1966 when AFRA gets official distributor for Alfa Romeo parts.

In the seventies the interest for the classic cars starts to getting popular also in Italy and Claudio Giorgetti – Adrianos’ son – realizes that the passion for vintage cars is not only a way to free the old stock but it may be a profitable business. In that years Afra stars reproducing parts no more supplied by Alfa Romeo, in many cases in accordance with the same Alfa that concedes drawings and toolings.

During the years, in the company began to work the third generation of the Giorgetti Family, Alessandra and Matteo, and that was just a profitable niche turned into the main business line; besides Alfa Romeo parts, now Afra deals parts for different brands.

Ferrari Maserati & Lamborghini


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