Fuel System (18)
carburettors, carburetor gasket series, fuel tank, fuel injection, injectors, fuel master cylinder hoses, inlet sleeves, throttle cable, fuel , gasoline sender
Tools (1)
Tool bag, tools, crik, wrench, valve adjustment
Gearbox (16)
gear lever, synchronizers, gears, gearbox, speedometer cable
Coachwork (14)
mask, grille, frames, handles, mirror, bumpers, chrome, windshield chome, glass chrome, windshield wiper tank, wiper blades
Distribution (9)
chain tensioner, distribution belt, distribution kit, distribution bearings, distribution oil seal, valves, valve springs, valve caps, valve guides, valve seats, camshafts
Filters (13)
oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, air conditioning filter,
Brakes (4)
brake pipes, disks, drums, brake pads, brake cylinders, brake revision kit, brake booster
Clutch (3)
clutch, clutch pump, clutch flywheel, pressure plate, clutch kit, bearing, clutch overhaul kit
Rubber parts (26)
windshield gasket, rubber caps, plugs, rubber grommets, silent blocks, glass seals, door seals, gasket seals, door rubbers, cable gommets, bonnet plugs, rubber parts, rubber bumper profiles and masks, rubber caps, rubber stopper
Lighting (11)
headlights, arrows, plastic lights, reflectors, clearance lights, courtesy lights, bonnet lights, boot lights, interior lights
Exhaust (4)
Muffler, silencer, exhaust pipe, manifolds
Electrical (8)
battery, spark plugs, spark plug cables, distributor, cap, coil, control unit, light switch, starter motor, column switch, hazard switch, window switch, fan switch
Interiors (4)
carpets, saddlery, ceiling , dashboard, gearshift boot, interior trim, car cover, soft top
Body Pannels (1)
fenders, bonnets, bottoms, sill, crossbars, doors
Engine (19)
engine gasket, head gasket, piston rods, pistons, flywheel, flywheel crown, bushings, bearings, connecting rods, engine mounts, oil sump, oil pump, tachometer cable
Cooling (17)
water pump, fan, radiator, water hose, thermostat sensor, thermostat bulb, alternator, cooling belts, water pump, water tank
Heating (9)
impianto riscaldamento, rubinetto, membrana, tubi riscaldamento in cartonflex, tubo aria
Wheels (2)
rims, wheels, wheel hub, wheel cup
Suspension (21)
shock absorbers, springs, rod ends, tie rods, silent blocks, suspension arms,
Badge (9)
crests, badges, logos, letterings, stickers, metal identification plates, homologation, lubricants, tags
Steering (4)
steering box, steering wheel, tie rods, steering booster
Trasmission (12)
differential, transmission shaft, bevel gear, differential, differential joints, transmission axel, semi-axis, differential silenblock
Glasses (2)
windshield, rear window, side windows, deflector, quarter window

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Reference: 60694592

Side turn light left and right white for Alfa Mito ; Alfa GT ;Alfa 147

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Reference: ar95sm

Alfa Romeo enameled sticker badge 75x23mm

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Reference: 71806020

GREEN CLOVERLEAF BADGES Set of 2 for right and left side for Alfa Romeo MITo;Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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Reference: 71807227

sticker Italian flags set left and right Alfa Romeo 4c; all models car suitable

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thermostat alfa romeo oil

Reference: 55202374

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